Shenzhen Konnoc High Technology Co., Ltd.
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                Shenzhen Konnoc High Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the year 2004, is a National High-Tech and Shenzhen High-Tech enterprise who is specialized in R & D, production and sales of Switch Power Supply (SPS).  Konnoc adheres to its operation philosophy – Innovation, Excellence and Reputation.  Through its unremitting endeavor, Konnoc products now sell in more than 60 countries and Konnoc brand enjoys a high reputation.
              2014-05-072014 HK Sourcing Fair Spring E... Konnoc exhibits at the 2014 HK Sourcing Fair during April 12-15th. And it attracts a crowed of visitors to stop by including Belkin, Aigo, Monster.
              2014-05-072014 CES Meeting Konnoc exhibits at 2014 CES during January 7-10th in Las Vegas Convention Center. We have two booths, one in South Hall and the other in LVH iLounge Hall.

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